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UK can’t keep pace with EU chemical regulations post-Brexit

A new study published in Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management examines Brexit’s impact on the UK’s chemical policies, finding clear evidence that the EU and UK are now diverging in their regulatory decisions and approaches.

In short:

Key quote:

“[The UK] lacks the regulatory capacity, oversight, and capabilities of its EU counterpart, and a little more than two years after its departure, the United Kingdom is already failing to restrict the most harmful chemical substances or implement policy changes and commitments.”

Why this matters:

Thanks to its sophisticated and stringent regulatory structure, the EU is the world’s leading regulatory state, with the ability to influence industrial practices on a global scale. Recent studies have shown that policy interventions can be an effective tool to decrease chemical exposure with widespread impact. With the EU Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability facing delays and REACH up for reform in 2025, this study highlights the need to safeguard regulatory frameworks that in turn protect human health.

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Jones, Lowenna et al. for Integrated Environmental Assessment and Management. May. 7, 2024

About the author(s):

Katherine McMahon
Katherine McMahon
Katherine McMahon is a Science Administrative Assistant at Environmental Health Sciences.
Sarah Howard
Sarah Howard
Howard is the Program Manager at the Healthy Environment and Endocrine Disruptor Strategies (HEEDS), a program of Environmental Health Sciences.

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