Clean air and water amendment delayed in California

A proposed amendment to California’s Constitution that would guarantee the right to clean air and water has been postponed for another year due to a lack of legislative progress.

Hayley Smith reports for The Los Angeles Times.

In short:

  • Assemblymember Isaac G. Bryan authored ACA 16, the green amendment, to add clean air, water, and a healthy environment to California’s Constitution.
  • The proposal failed to advance in the state Assembly and Senate before the deadline, prompting Bryan to delay it until next year.
  • The amendment faced opposition from the California Chamber of Commerce, citing potential economic impacts on housing and infrastructure projects.

Key quote:

“We simply don’t have enough time this election cycle to craft the comprehensive and inspired amendment language California deserves. We will keep working and building for the climate justice our communities need.”

— Isaac G. Bryan, Assemblymember.

Why this matters:

California, often at the forefront of environmental policy, continues to grapple with significant air and water quality issues. Urban areas frequently contend with smog and particulate matter, while rural communities deal with contaminated water supplies, sometimes linked to agricultural runoff or industrial activity. Ensuring the right to clean air and water in California’s Constitution would strengthen environmental protections and hold polluters accountable.

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