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Toxic gas leaks from Texas oil fields continue unchecked

In Texas, thousands of residents are exposed to dangerous levels of hydrogen sulfide from oil and gas wells, with regulators failing to address the health risks.

Will Evans, Caroline Ghisolfi, and Amanda Drane report for The Examination.

In short:

  • Hydrogen sulfide gas emissions from oil wells in Texas frequently exceed state safety limits, endangering local communities.
  • Despite repeated violations, regulators rarely penalize companies, allowing dangerous conditions to persist.
  • Residents near these wells report various health issues, including headaches, nausea, and respiratory problems.

Key quote:

“It’s very serious. I think it has affected all of our health. We’ve had oil companies that have told us, ‘Just move.’ We’ve been here generations. It’s our place.”

— Marka Giebler, Breckenridge, Texas resident

Why this matters:

Continuous exposure to hydrogen sulfide can lead to severe health problems. The failure of regulatory bodies to enforce safety measures exacerbates the risk, resulting in a serious public health issue. Read more: Toxic air lingers in Texas Latino community, revealing failures in state’s air monitoring system.

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