Oklahoma protects poultry companies from pollution lawsuits

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed a law shielding poultry corporations from lawsuits over pollution caused by chicken waste, despite ongoing environmental concerns.

Ben Felder reports for Investigate Midwest.

In short:

  • The new law prevents lawsuits against poultry companies if they have approved waste disposal plans.
  • This legislation follows a federal judge’s ruling that poultry companies, including Tyson Foods, are responsible for pollution in the Illinois River Watershed.
  • Critics argue the law prioritizes corporate interests over environmental and public health concerns.

Key quote:

“It prioritizes Big Ag and corporate lobbyists over the health and safety of our citizens’ drinking water.”

— Rep. Mickey Dollens, Oklahoma City Democrat

Why this matters:

Environmental advocates have expressed deep concern over the potential long-term consequences of this law. They argue that by curtailing the ability to sue, the state is prioritizing corporate interests over the health of its citizens and the environment. The runoff from poultry farms has been a significant issue, contributing to the pollution of rivers and lakes, which can affect drinking water supplies and local ecosystems.

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